If a child is born in an Amish community, at home, do they file for a birth certificate and Social Security Card?

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The requirements for a birth certificate for a child born at home is no different than that for a child delivered in a hospital in the United States. The attending Doctor or Midwife, whether in a hospital or at home, must complete and file the paperwork for a birth certificate. A social security card is required for all children residing in the US from age five years. Answered coordinated by THE BUDGET. more
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Boy are you out of touch; No social security number or card is ever required by any Amish; Amish parents NEVER get a social security number for their children. The Amish and many others are exempt from socialsecurity as they will never claim or seek any public benefit. They get tax ID numbers from the IRS. As for Birth Certificates, the Amish are non-conformers from way back in the 15th century. Some might have a state birth certificate but most don't. You are mistaken on both counts there is no law requiring you register the birth of any child in any State. governments want you to but its not necessary.Eventually, the non-amish who want to travel and get a social security pension or other government benefit like welfare- those kind will need all the documents they can get. By the way, many ministers are also exempt from social security in the exact same way as the Amish though the minister be a presbyterian or whatever. The amish take care of their own its their way.

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