If cybercriminals deny me access to my critical systems and data via ransomware, should I pay the ransom?

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Eguono Joshua

No Don’t pay back the ransom cause by then they would have formatted everything on the system. So it will not be so possible for you to get them back

Ashington Waweru

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Ashington Waweru Ashington Waweru commented on answer

Do not ever pay the Ransom money as 90 out of 100 chances the cybercriminals will not get you back your data. Seek other solutions like contacting experts on cybercrimes like http://www.shelterblue.com/ransomware/

Mia Janke

NEVER EVER PAY THE RANSOM. There is no certain guarantee that you will be able to recover your data. The smartest thing to do would be to recover the data on your own or take the device to a professional to recover the data for you. Paying the ransom 9 times out of 10 ends up putting you out of money and all of the data that was stolen.


I don’t think that its good decision to paying for Ransom. Asking for payments is one common behavior of Ransomware. Recovering you data would be the best thing you can do I think.