If cybercriminals deny me access to my critical systems and data via ransomware, should I pay the ransom?

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Chantel Van Rensburg

Hi, I think it depends on what type of data and info it is.  Please check this article:

Ransomware: should you pay the ransom?

Jitendra Sahu

Cybercriminal are using ransomware to encrypt your data.To decypt it you need a decryption key,which is unique.The criminal have that key.To access your data you need that key.for this you need to paid.

But it depends upon your the importance of data.if the data is more important you need to paid.But you can recover your data also.Simply format your system and recover your data.but  you can’t recover your data 100%.

And there is no guarantee that the criminal will give you the key after paid or he/she will not use it.so the best way is to use good anti-virus and make your system update every time.and it’s better to have a back-up.

Anup Soni

No, I don’t think you should pay the ransom as you can become a bigger target. Yes, that’s true! Paying ransom would encourage the criminals and you would be identified as a victim for paying up for the next me. I mean they all would be jockeying around for the ransom to release your data and the data of your connected computers too.

See to be in a very simple way, you can’t trust criminals. Right? It’s going to be a risky endeavor to rely on a criminal to keep their word. That’s going to be a simple exchange i.e. money for a decryption key. But, in my notice, many victims have paid the money but failed to regain the access of files.

It might be possible that extortionist would ask you for the higher ransom (as the average ransom is around $300 to $1000) the next time. So paying the ransom means feeding the problem.

There are other alternative ways to regain access.

Tasos Mpampis

Have a look here first. This is a web page made from made to help with this:

Check if the link has any keys for your that might work. Also talk to them as they can help you with more tech. approach.