If cybercriminals deny me access to my critical systems and data via ransomware, should I pay the ransom?

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Tasos Mpampis

Have a look here first. This is a web page made from made to help with this:

Check if the link has any keys for your that might work. Also talk to them as they can help you with more tech. approach.



The question here is how important is your data and what’s the size of ransom demanded comparing the 2 figures will give you your answer .

If you use your device for keeping storing critical information then don’t hesitate before buying good anti-malwares  .

May the force be with you

Veena Furtado

If you do that, they will ask you for more money, then what will you do?

Johny Patrick

There are a few things you could try in hopes that you are affected by a “not so powerful” ransomware.


  1. Safe Mode with Networking
  2. Safe mode
  3. Safe mode with command prompt

Use these platforms to see if you can back up the data. Rarely, ransomwares do not work in safe  mode as they don’t block the screen. In that case you can get all the data you need and you can simply reformat your hard drive.


If  this  does  not work, and if your data is important you might have  to do your bidding and pay the person.