if my dentist says i need a deep cleaning. Can i refuse it and instead get a regular cleaning?

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I had to get a fake tooth on my top tooth because i chip it and my dentist couldn't not fix it.. One day i was chewing candy and my fake tooth fell out of my mouth i didn't know what 2 do i went in the bathroom to put it back in.. Every since my tooth been botter me ever since. Every time i eat food or when i chew gum. What should i do. I can't get in to my dentist after the christmas break. So i used glue or what? I need help! My son had a cavity in his first molar and the dentist said it was a baby tooth and pulled it. I am afraid it was a permanent tooth! The roots were larger than the tooth, two large ones on each side. How can I know? He continues to insist it is a baby tooth. We are in a foreign country. correction - in looking at a tooth chart the tooth that was pulled was the second premolar on the bottom. more
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