If Native Americans are of Asian descent, why does the Cherokee not look Asian?

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That's because Native Americans are not of Asian descent. Listen, just because White people make a "theory" doesn't make it fact. Native American history says we originated on the Americas.. Most North and South American nations (tribes) have oral histories that describe their migration from around the Yucatan Peninsula. There are a lot of theories that these "Anthropologists" try to come up with to make sense of how Native Americans came to be here. They cannot comprehend any fact that Natives could have originated here. But if you want to know the latest theory, is that the Clovis people were more dominant in the eastern coast of North America around the Virginia area. Now Anthropologists are theorizing that the Clovis people came over from Europe during the Ice-age, and also those that came over from Siberia. They "believe" that modern Native American people are a mix of these two migrating people from both Northeastern Asia and the Mediterranean. Which is also a theory why most ... more
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