I’m 70 years old. Am I too old for braces or Invisalign® treatment?

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No! I have recently taken real metal braces off a 90 year old woman who drove from Gainesville, Florida by herself each month to see me. The bone at 70 years old is not much different than at 20 years old. It comes down to mentally wanting to straighten your teeth – not the physical barriers to doing it. What I mean by this is that some adults are concerned with what their relatives and neighbors will say. When it comes to making yourself better, there will always be this one person who has something negative to say since they can’t tolerate anyone or anything getting better than them. If it happens to be your best friend, you will need to get a new friend! The same rules apply to Invisalign® treatment. I have many adults over 60 who elected Invisalign® treatment and with them being virtually invisible, they were very happy during and after their treatment. more
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