In trunking protocol 802.1Q what is a Native VLAN?

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The Native VLAN of a switch is the VLAN whose packets transit untagged along a trunk as normal Ethernet frames. A Native VLAN is usually attributed VLANID 1. • Does ZeroShell support VLAN IEEE 802.1Q? Yes, ZeroShell supports trunk protocol IEEE 802.1Q. For each network interface (Ethernet card, bridge, VPN LAN-to-LAN and VPN bond) it is possible to add one or more VLANs by specifying the VLANID between 1 and 4094. Practically, what you get is a virtual sub-interface whose name is the name of the main interface merged to the VLANID (separated by a point). For example, the VLAN 1250 applied on the ETH00 is represented by the logical interface ETH00.1250. To this VLAN, represented as a normal interface, you can add IP addresses, enable routing and NAT, apply firewall rules, attribute services such as DHCP, DNS or a Captive Portal. • I configured a VLAN on a ZeroShell Ethernet port, but the packets that are too big don't reach their destination. What does it depend on? Unfortunately, for ... more
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