In what stage of sleep does Lucid Dreaming occur?

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Lucid Dreaming usually takes place in REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. There are five stages of sleep. Stage 1 being the one you first enter, then followed by stage 2, 3 and 4. As you descend into deeper sleep your brain frequency slows down. In stage 4 can it be slower than one cycle per second (delta sleep). After some time spent in stage 4, about 25 minutes, you return to stage 3 and 2, then straight into REM sleep. About 90 minutes has passed now since you started sleeping. 5-10 minutes is spent in this stage before you go all the way down to stage 4 again (also called non-REM sleep). When approximately 90 minutes have again passed, another REM-period start. This time the REM sleep lasts longer. And as time progresses less time in non-REM sleep is needed and more time is spent in REM sleep. After 4-5 hours you don't go lower than stage 2. Vivid dreaming takes place in REM sleep, so the more you sleep, the more time is spent in REM and the more likely it is that you may have a ... more
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