Instead of using distilled water, can you make colloidal silver with other kinds of water, like bottled water, well water, or reverse osmosis filtered water?

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Absolutely not. We are told you should use only pure steam distilled water, which is available from most supermarkets or at Wal-Mart for around a dollar a gallon. Water from an underground well -- no matter how "pure" it has tested -- is still full of dissolved mineral content. Filtered water -- even water that has been run through a reverse osmosis system -- still contains dissolved minerals that can affect the quality and purity of your colloidal silver. Same with bottled water. Only pure steam distilled water is free of all contaminants, including dissolved minerals. What's more, if you fail to use pure steam-distilled water when making colloidal silver, or use an inferior quality steam-distilled water such as that produced with a home distiller, you may end up with overly large particles of silver. The colloidal silver particle size estimates used throughout this report are based upon Transmission Electron Microscopy studies from independent laboratories which tested colloidal ... more
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