Is a contract binding without a signature?

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1 Answer

Without your signature, that contract is just a piece of paper. A valid and binding contract should have three essential requisites referred to as the three c's - the cause, the consideration and the consent. Consent is the meeting of the minds between the obligor and the obligee such that they agree completely with respect to the cause and consideration. Without such meeting of the minds, a contract is not perfected. From what I gather in your explanation, you did not give your consent to the contract. Hence your agreement with the home study agency suffers from a serious and fatal infirmity. The lack of consent is evidenced by your not signing on the dotted line. A contract tainted by a vice of consent is at best an unenforceable contract. It can only be cured by your express acquisence to the terms and conditions attached to it. Since you have denied having signed the document, the agency cannot force you to pay up. When they had received the unsigned contract that you sent them ... more
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