Is a Pandora Charm Bracelet Appropriate for Young Teen?

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1 Answer

Advertisements for Pandora Charm Bracelets seem to target young women in their twenties or thirties. Recently, someone asked if I thought their 13 year old niece would appreciate a Pandora Charm bracelet for her birthday. After thinking about it for a while I finally decided that you would have to know the girl well. I have known some 13 year old girls to love wearing jewelry, and others who are more tom-boys. Pandora bracelets can also look quite full or even a bit chunky and that may not suit the slender wrist of a 13 year old girl either. What I would suggest is to give what is called a starter bracelet. Choose the smaller sized Pandora bracelet and then choose three Pandora beads to put on the bracelet. One could go in the middle section and one in each of the two other sections. Although a thirteen year old may well love the cute Pandora Teddy Bear charm of one of the other more kid like charms, you may want to start off by choosing some sweet, simple flower charm or design and ...
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