Is a walk-in freezer for a residential property even possible?

Home Improvement

I’ve seen it in many food-related movies, and I got curious whether it’s also okay to have one installed in a residential property.

Kate Horder

If you have the money and the space for it, why not? A walk-in freezer gives you a lot of storage space for fresh produce, meat, dairy, and everything you plan on keeping fresh longer. That said, it is necessary to consider some critical factors like the size of the refrigerating unit you’ll be installing, and with that, of course, comes the corresponding energy consumption.

The key is to hire the right people who will do the installation for you. Since what you’re doing is you’re installing a type of commercial refrigeration in your home, it’s best to get professional help from the experts, like the installation specialists from Chapman’s Refrigeration Limited. They can help with every step: from installation, all the way to service and maintenance for refrigeration units, cold rooms (walk-in fridges or freezers, ad fridge packs). They are also an expert provider of commercial and domestic air conditioning Kent.  Visit them at