Is AmigaOS a "Realtime OS"?

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Theoretically no, practically yes. For a so-called "realtime OS" you must be able to guarantee maximal reaction times after external signals. For AmigaOS such guarantees are not given, but on the other hand it's so efficient and fast in reaction that it is already used in many realtime control applications in the industry. • Is AmigaOS "Object Oriented"? The Amiga Operating System was created in a time when "OO" was not yet a hype term. But it is state of the art and incorporates many ideas from object oriented design philosophies. This is one of the reasons why the OS is so compact, efficient, and simultaneously flexible. • Is the Amiga Operating System 16-bit or 32-bit? The AmigaOS is since its first days (1985) a 32-bit OS, thanks to the internal 32-bit architecture of the Motorola microprocessors. Also every application software is thus 32-bit. So you do not need a new operating system and a completely new set of application software to exploit the 32-bit features of the current ... more
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