Is Big Boss Grill or Nuwave Oven worth buying ?

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uWave Oven Pro - Review this New Infrared Oven for Cooking Healthy Recipes Fast. Nu-Wave Cook healthy meals fast with NuWave® Oven Pro, the quickest and healthiest way to go from frozen to feast for your entire family! NuWave Oven Pro’s quick cooking times aren’t based on the opinions of testers – this counter top oven was scientifically engineered with a powerful and efficient triple cooking combo that combines conduction, convection and infrared heating to reduce cooking time up to 200%! Simply place your meal in the Nu-Wave Oven, close the heat-trap dome, set the timer and touch ‘n go and in minutes you’ll be serving fresh, scintillating gourmet meals. With the included non-stick tray and one-to-four inch adjustable cooking rack you can broil, grill, barbecue, steam, dehydrate and even air fry food in your NewWave Oven at a fraction of the cost of other bulky appliances – the NuWave Infrared Oven uses 85% less energy! This gold-metal winning countertop Neuwave oven has earned the ... more
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