Is Blue Cove, Delaware a real place?

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1 Answer

Thorough examination of Delaware maps has revealed no such town. Sorry, but Blue Cove is fictional. 4.5 Who created The Pretender? How is it connected to Quantum Leap? A: The show was created by Steven Long Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle; they are also the executive producers and generally write (and direct, in Mitchell's case) the first and last episodes of each season, along with pivotal plot episodes. (Also, this team wrote five episodes of Alien Nation.) The show's premise is similar to Quantum Leap in some ways -- both tell the story of a man who cares about people, desperately trying to "put things right" by assuming different lives. The stronger connection, however, is in shared crew members. QL writer Tommy Thompson is a co-executive producer and has written two episodes. Creative consultant and writer Chris Ruppenthal wrote for Quantum Leap, including the infamous 'B-Man' (Halloween) episode. Since "Curious Jarod," Velton Ray Bunch has done the music. And several of the ... more
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