Is Bumble Bee Salmon packed with wild (ocean-caught) salmon or farm-raised salmon?

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All of Bumble Bee's traditional skin-on, bone-in salmon products, as well as our premium skinless and boneless salmon packed in water and pouched salmon products, are wild salmon, caught in the open ocean or in the clean inlets and bays of Alaska. This includes all salmon originating from Alaska (Product of USA), Canada and Thailand. Only our premium Bumble Bee Skinless and Boneless Smoked Salmon in Oil (which has very limited distribution) is packed with farm-raised salmon from Chile. While the recent reports of contaminants within farmed salmon have received a lot of media attention, the fact remains that these levels are well below the PCB tolerances set by the Food & Drug Administration. For additional information on wild or farm-raised salmon, click on the following links: Medical, health and food safety experts advise reading past the headlines in the new news about farmed salmon. http://www.salmonoftheamericas.com/topic_01_04_press.html PCBs in Salmon FAQs Click here to ... more
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