Is car delivery expensive?

Natali Demon

if you have experience in this area, share it with me, please! I will be grateful for your posts!

Sonya123 Sonya

Yes, it is very expensive!

Samara Samara123

The cost of shipping may vary according to multiple factors: the distance, the type of your car, which time of the year you want the shipment to be done and do you insist on a door to door delivery. It is also important if your car is in working condition or not. You also must pay attention to the fact that for the same distance, the cost of shipping may be different It is very important to choose a good and reliable company that will do everything quickly and efficiently. I read reviews about different companies for a long time and decided to cooperate with SGTAuto Transport. They are true professionals in this field and I am grateful to them for the high quality of their services and polite staff. I recommend their services to all my friends and I advise you to contact them too!