Is Cebu Pacific retaining my personal data, i.e bank account number?


Cebu Pacific does not retain any personal banking data, i.e. account number. This type of information stays with your bank. Cebu Pacific will only get confirmation of your payment. 11. What if I want a print-out of my itinerary instead of the SMS? Please go to the website at and use the Manage Booking function. You may also contact our Call Center at (632) 70-20-888 for a copy of your itinerary which will be sent to you via fax or email. You may also drop by our sales offices for a reprint of your itinerary. 12. I deleted my SMS itinerary; can you send it again via my mobile phone? Cebu Pacific will not send the SMS again. Please refer to the previous entry in this FAQ page. 13. How secure is my SMS confirmation? What if it is forwarded to another phone, will somebody else be able to fly on my behalf? Your SMS confirmation is secure since it will only be sent by designated Globe numbers. If you’re using a Globe number, the sender of the SMS is access code 2327. I