Is chewing tobacco more or less addictive than cigarettes? And what about cigars?

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1 Answer

Like cigarettes, chewing tobacco contains nicotine. The nicotine is absorbed though the cheeks and gums, instead of through the lungs like from cigarettes. Dont fool yourself thinking chewing tobacco is less addictive. It is not. You are simply trading one nicotine delivery method for another.You didnt ask about cancer, but I will tell you anyway. Since chewing tobacco releases no smoke, you have less of a chance of developing lung cancer then smokers who inhale. However, you will increase your risk of developing mouth and gum cancer.Cigars are basically overly-large cigarettes, and therefore each cigar contains far more nicotine than a single cigarette. While you may smoke fewer in a day perhaps even a single one after dinner you are still creating the same addiction. more
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