Is concrete engraving done on new or old concrete?

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1 Answer

Both. New concrete is engraved after allowing the concrete to cure for approximately 30 days, then the surface is thoroughly cleaned and prepared to start the process. Old concrete can also be stained and engraved once properly prepared. How do Engraved patterns look several years after installation? Any brick, tile or cobblestones patterns you have engraved in the concrete/asphalt will stay for the life of the concrete/asphalt surface. It is not like an actual brick that may break. It has been engraved into the concrete/asphalt - so it is part of the concrete/asphalt itself. The color change over time with concrete stains is hard to predict. This is not meant to be a negative- instead it is much like worn brick or other paving materials - they age. Often this creates an even more appreciated look. Regular cleaning and sealing will contribute to the stained surface looking beautiful. With periodic maintenance the surface will look substantially the same years after the installation. ...
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