Is CosmeLynk™ Hair Cream suitable hair cream suitable for Women?

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1 Answer

Should I use CosmeLynk™ Hair Cream if pregnant or nursing? It is for external application of the hair only. It is contraindicated in those who are hypersensitive to the ingredients. There are no tests that have been conducted in pregnant or nursing individuals. For pregnant and nursing mothers, please seek doctors' advice. Can CosmeLynk™ Hair Cream be used over chemical tint? In most cases, this is no problem. However, to make sure, you can do a strand test before using CosmeLynk™ Hair Cream, to prevent an unpredictable and undesirable reaction occurring. In addition, if there is need to cover up new grey hair between permanent dye applications it is best to use CosmeLynk™ Hair Cream, thereby allowing a longer interval before the next chemical dye treatment is required. Is CosmeLynk™ Hair Cream safe to use? It is made up of a natural herbal blend of ingredients. It has been shown to be generally safe, with no reported side effects.
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