Is DMT physically dangerous?

dangerous DMT physically

Researches have been made showing the relative safety of dmt. It does not cause physical damage, addiction, and any tolerance disappears very quickly. Ayahuasca, the dmt-containing brew from the Amazon, has been studied by multidisciplinary groups in Brazil and other countries and was shown that in a careful context, it presents no negative cognitive/psychiatric/social consequences, even in adolescents. However: • People with extreme heart or other conditions for whom strong emotions could be dangerous are contra-indicated, just like a roller coaster would for them. • It is important to notice that with any psychedelic, it is a very powerful emotional/mental experience, so those with personal or family psychiatric history, unstable emotionally or going through some very difficult moments in life should be extremely careful. • Also, it is possible that during the experience, one temporarily loses orientation in the consensus reality, so smoking/ingesting next to a cliff, sharp objects,