Is Ecuador famous for horseback riding?


horseback riding


Horseback riding is an essential part in Ecuadorian culture. In fact, no trip to Ecuador is complete without experiencing the feeling of having the wind hit your face as you explore the flora and fauna on horseback. You have the option to ride for a few minutes or even take longer trips which will allow you to have a spectacular view of the Ecuadorian landscapes like its ice-capped mountains and volcanoes. Travelling is all about exploring all you can explore in the place you’re in, and you can’t really experience Ecuador when all you do is look at your phone! You have to see it yourself which is why a horseback ride as you marvel at the rolling hills is one thing you simply shouldn’t miss. 

You can also opt to join excursions that will let you see the surroundings of the haciendas that raise horses so go ahead and make your childhood dreams of becoming a cowboy come true! And while in Ecuador, visit one of the country inns and see a horse competition and even join in one!

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