Is Flagyl Antibiotic or Antifungal?

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1 Answer

Someone asked me whether Flagyl is an antibiotic or antifungal as she has been fighting the yeast for a month and never wants to take antibiotics. Actually, Flagyl is an antibiotic, but it fights anaerobic bacteria that are sort of co-conspirators with yeast. To my knowledge, it is not directly effective against yeast, parasites, or anything other than oxygen-hating bacteria. It worked well for me the first time I took it. But I didn't know then what I do now, and didn't take advantage of the opportunity to repopulate my colon with good bacteria. I think that gave the yeast an opportunity to really get a foothold. The good bacteria were gone, and then the bad bacteria got knocked out too! I believe now that it wasn't helpful the next time I took it, because the yeast had become the problem rather than the anaerobic bacteria. Be sure to take probiotics generously while on this. As that space becomes vacant when the bad bacteria die, you want the good bacteria to get there before the ... more
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