Is green poo natural for a 1 month old baby?

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1 Answer

If the baby is breastfed (I am not an expert at artificial feeding), an occasional green bowel movement (after the first few days of life) is normal. But generally speaking, a baby should have soft, yellow bowel movements with a very mild smell. Sometimes a virus is the reason for green bowel movements. But you may never know for sure because often breastfeeding prevents the baby from actually being sick with the virus. If, however, it continues for more than a week or two, it is probably a sign that the baby has foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. The milk early in each feeding (foremilk) has a lot of milk sugar (lactose); later in the feeding (hindmilk), it has more fat and calories. If a baby gets too much lactose, it causes the green bowel movements. It may not be a problem for the baby *ever*, but it can sometimes cause problems later on (especially low weight gain). If this is the problem, nursing longer on one side will help. If baby usually nurses on both breasts at every feeding, ... more
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