Is Horlicks suitable for babies / infants?

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1 Answer

Horlicks Malted Food Drink is not specially formulated to be an infant food; so we don't recommend its use for babies under one year old. Although Horlicks was once considered suitable for infants, scientific knowledge has now advanced, leading to the formulation of international guidelines regarding the composition of breast milk substitutes. The composition of Horlicks does not fall within these guidelines and is not formulated to do so. Horlicks is not positioned as, nor should be used as, a breast milk or infant formula substitute, since it does not contain all the nutrients essential for a baby's healthy growth and development. Also, Horlicks contains relatively high levels of dissolved solids with which the developing kidneys of a baby may be unable to cope. Once the child grows older and they have reached the age of one year, Horlicks can be introduced in small amounts, as part of a varied, well-balanced diet. 2. Is Horlicks Light suitable for diabetics The current dietary ...
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