Is Income from Recycling (Copper Scrap, Aluminum Scrap, Soda Cans) federally or CA state taxable?

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1 Answer

Below a certain amount, no one has to even file an income tax form, but if you make enough money to have to pay income tax, then yes, money from scrap metal is income and therefore is taxable. But that's a lot of beer cans! You may be able to apply it to an IRA and not pay taxes on it (the whole time that it is invested and then after you retire, you may not even be in a tax bracket at which you'd even pay much tax), but you'd have to check with an investment advisor on that. If you are making all or most of your income from scrap metal, it would only cause you to have to pay income tax after you reached the $$$ amount at which you have to file a tax form and pay taxes. more
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