Is it possible to transfer an online store from one platform to another?


Is it possible to transfer an online store from one platform to another? I decided that I want to enter the international market, but for this I need the store to be on the Shopify platform?


Yes, but for this purpose you need a special help of programmers. I used to develop an application for business via which is a trusted service, that might be really helpful if you also want to transfer your online shop, to to make your business work effectively. They are meeting all the modern standards and helps to develop their service.


Yeah, that’s possible. Now there are a lot of opportunities to find a good platform on which it will be easy to build your business. I looked at the different options here before deciding on the choice. You might find the solution here too, maybe you will change your opinion and choose a magento.

Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz

Yeah, I think that it should be possible. Are you sure that you need to do that? What platform do you use now?