Is it appropriate to send a gift commemorating the one-year anniversary of the death?

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The anniversaries and holidays that pass without the deceased are often very difficult for grieving friends and families. Sending a gift provides comfort and support when the bereaved are hurting. A sympathy gift received during these times is very special because it reminds the bereaved they are not forgotten. These sympathy gifts are sometimes referred to as ‘memorial gifts’ and their arrival validates an important part of the bereaved life; they are still grieving. Grieving takes time. It really is a life long journey and many times the bereaved are told they need to let go and move on long before it is time or they are ready. If you know a friend or family member is hurting and want to acknowledge the anniversary of death or a special holiday, a memorial gift is a true comfort. I was close to the deceased but didn’t really know the family. Who do I send the sympathy gift to? According to etiquette you send the gift to the closest relative of the person who has died (i.e.: the ... more
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