Is it cheaper to rent a U-Haul truck or trailer one way, or round trip?

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Almost all of the time when you are traveling out of the state of Vermont and sometimes in the state, it is less expensive to rent a truck one way! A Round trip rental you pay by the mile both ways and gas both ways in a big truck which is not very fuel efficient. When you rent one way, the truck, insurance and miles are packaged up, into a one way rate. Almost always this is the less expensive than going round trip. Keep in mind it all depends on distance and the amount of time you need the equipment. It can be less expensive to rent a trailer round trip, if you are coming back to Vermont. Keep in mind it is a matter of towing a empty trailer back. So it ends up costing you more in gas to bring it back depending on how much time you keep the trailer and how far your travel. more
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