Is it important to use the filling aid funnel when filling the cooling system?

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1 Answer

The DC dealer said it would have to be special ordered. Thanks. - Ron, from the USA. It's not absolutely necessary to use DC's Filling Aid Funnel 8195. You can fill the coolant with whatever funnel you want, as long as you loosen the air bleed. A cooling system air bleed valve is located in the thermostat housing at assist in air removal when filling the cooling system. 394. I just installed a K&N air intake system and accidentally broke either the MAP or IAT sensor connector. The sensor looks like a miniature spark plug with a very small blue tip. Now the engine warning light (MIL) on my dash stays on when I start the vehicle. What function does it perform, is it necessary, and can I drive the vehicle? Where, other than a DC dealer can I go to get a replacement part? Thank you. - Jim, from the USA. Based upon your description/location of the connector and the behavior of the vehicle it sounds like the Inlet Air Temperature Sensor (IAT). If it were the MAP sensor the vehicle may or ... more
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