Is it possible to import data into A tempo from another software such as Quickbooks?

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1 Answer

Yes, you can import data from other software, even data that is in Quickbooks. Since Quickbooks uses its own system for record-keeping, you must first convert the Quickbooks information to another format. You can find out how by looking up "Exporting" in the Quickbooks help. You should change the data to a more standard format such as tab-delimited, which is data separated by tab inserts. Then you can import into A tempo. Some software programs use a format that A tempo can import directly. Once you are ready to import, you will find in the topmost menu bar "Files/Import Records". Selecting that option will start the process. You can indicate from which file to do the importing and then align the fields. Some fields may not match in regard to their function or location. For example, A tempo stores phone numbers in a separate file from the other student data, so you may have to re-enter the phone numbers. more
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