Is it possible to rent a lamborghini in London?

Jess Morris

Didn’t know about Lambo…

Bradley Layne

To¬†answer your question. Yes, there are quite a few different companies that offer sports car hire in London. When I was travelling to a family party recently, I decided I wanted to hire a luxury sports car to get there. I found a company called IX rentals that had a fleet of different sport/supercars on offer. I opted to go with a Lamborghini Huracan and I was really pleased with the price. Although the deposit for the car was quite big, the price of the daily rental was pretty good. All in all, it was definitely worth the money. I have wanted to drive a Lamborghini all my life and it really did live up to my expectations. If you’re a car enthusiast, I’d say go for it, it’s one of the best driving experiences I’ve ever had, and I will probably do it again.