Is it possible to set up default indents and line spacing for new documents?

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1 Answer

Yes, Scrivener not only lets you pick a default font to work in but also allows you to set up your own indents, paragraph spacing, line spacing, and margins (referred to as ruler settings) for new documents. As with fonts, these can all be maintained separate from the final compiled look of your draft, making it easy to work in a fashion that is pleasing to your eyes but produce final a document that is pleasing to the eyes of your agent or editor. You can additionally maintain separate default text preferences per project. Default ruler settings can be supplied globally in the Formatting preference pane under Scrivener > Preferences; for project-specific settings, choose Project > Text Preferences… and check the box to “override text formatting for this project”. In each of these sections you will see an example quote with a ruler and format bar above it. You can change the indentation, add or remove tab stops, change line and paragraph spacing (choose “Spacing” from the drop-down ...
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