Is it safe for a 1 month old baby to travel by plane on a long haul?

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1 Answer

It is safe, provided the child is healthy. For a child that young you should visit your pediatrician and have the child's ears examined and make sure the baby is in good health. Your pediatrician can also give you suggestions on how to make the trip more comfortable for your baby. Since you are flying long haul I stronly suggest that you purchase a seat for your child so they can ride in their car seat. Not only is it safer for your child to be properly restrained, it will be more comfortable for the both of you. If you're worried about the change in pressure on your child's ears make sure he has something to suck on during take off and landing. This could be a bottle, pacifer, or you could nurse him. Make sure you pack plenty of diapers, wipes and resealable plastic bags (zip lock or similar) to put soiled diapers in. You may also want to pack an extra outfit or two incase of a major 'blow out' diaper. Some larger aircraft have handicapped accessable restrooms that are larger than ... more
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