Is it safe to swim in an indoor pool during rain, thunder and lightning?

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1 Answer

The pool building has windows but a solid roof. — Patricia Boyd A: According to the lightning safety experts at the National Weather Service, you should stay away from all pools, whether indoor or outdoor, during lightning storms. If the pool building is struck by lightning, the lightning can travel through plumbing systems and cause electrocution. These page from the National Weather Service explains much more about lightning safety, while this one deals specifically with lightning safety indoors. — Doyle Rice ****************************************************************************************** Q: My wife and I are taking a 25th anniversary trip to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, next week and I am worried about the weather. The report shows showers every day. Will there be any sun or is this just an extended pattern? A: Unfortunately, your trip to St. Thomas is during the rainiest time of year there, based on historical averages of precipitation. As you can see from the graph at ... more
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