Is it Time for an Educational Paradigm Shift by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation?

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(Part II) Come see how the Scottish Rite Literacy program is used at Pelican Bay State Prison. See how Pelican Bay uses CASAS testing as evidence of progress. Come help change laws and insist on a shift in paradigm in order to help as many inmates as possible to achieve their educational goals. Lesson Plan Show-Down for Learners with the Most Limited Skills This is a working session to discover the inner workings of teaching lessons for learners with limited cognitive skills. Behind every lesson objective taught is a sequence of activities that help limited learners to acquire a foundation of the most basic reading, math, listening and communication skills needed to function independently as possible. Your participation in this Focus Group session will assist CASAS and the Adults with Disabilities community to delineate the often forgotton supporting skills that include learners with developmental disabilities on the literacy ladder. MathBusters: Cracking the Mystery of the GED Math ... more
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