Is it Worth Installing Garage Door Insulation?

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1 Answer

There are currently two prevailing trends in garage use that have changed the way homeowners think about this space. Some stash all of the extra boxes and unused appliances from the house here, making it a storage space that leaves no room for a car. Others design it with carpet, fresh paints and furniture, making it an additional room to the house. The latter use calls for many to consider garage door insulation. One of the greatest benefits of insulating your garage is the money you will save on energy bills. Garage door insulation helps keep the winter air that seeps under the garage door and through other cracks from entering your home. Insulating will not make the garage a toasty warm space, but it will make it the temperature tolerable. In summer, there is the same issue with heat. Often, garages are not a part of the structure of the house, but are attached and made of materials like vinyl siding that generates great amounts of heat when the garage is exposed to the open sun. ... more
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