Is japan a rich country?


The answer is that Japan is materially blessed but mentally poor. It is estimated Japanese assets amount to 11 trillion yen, which means Japan is one of the richest countries in the world. Supersores, even in small towns, are affluent with various kinds of commodities and are crowded with shoppers. It was when I went to foreign countries that I was sure that Japan was really rich. I saw lots of well-dressed Japanese tourists rushing to brand shops in Paris. They bought expensive items one after another with the paper money gripped in their hands. “Eatons”, which is an exclusive department store in Vancouver, had won a large number of Japanese customers. Not only dollars but also yen could be used at that store. All announcement in the store were made in Japanese as well as English. But it would be difficult to call Japanese behavior concerning how to use money “normal”. I don’t think the prices of a cup of coffee at some lounges in exclusive hotel in Tokyo is no less than 1800 yen. But