Is Kent a good place for family holiday?

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Linda Watkins Posted

Yes, it really is. I’ve been on family holidays there many times and we love it so much that we’ve begun searching for caravan dealers in Kent so we can purchase a caravan there. Kent offers a lot of great options for family fun. Some of the best things to do in Kent include:


– Going to the beach

Beaches are always a hit with the kids and Kent has some of the nicest beaches in England. On a sunny day, there’s nothing quite like heading down to the beach with a picnic and a bucket and spade!


– Go to wildlife parks

Kent has some of the countries best wildlife parks and they are always popular with families. Zoos and aquariums are a fun activity for both young and old kids which makes Kent a perfect place for families.


I don’t know much about Kent. If you are looking for a good destination for family travel, it is possible to check a list on It includes the best variants. Personally I chose Ireland. I went there together with my wife and children this summer. It was a great trip! Hopefully, you will also find this source to be helpful.