Is LASIK covered by insurance?

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Almost all insurance companies consider any laser vision correction procedure to be an elective procedure. Insurance companies feel glasses and contact lenses are a fair alternative to having LASIK surgery. In this day and age with people changing health care providers, insurance companies do not want to spend money for LASIK (especially when that person may have another insurance plan a year or two down the road). They prefer to spend a much smaller amount on annual or biannual glasses prescriptions and exams, because in the long run it is more profitable for the insurance companies. If an insurance company would decide to cover the cost o f LASIK, so many people would opt for LASIK, that it would cause a great financial burden for that insurance company. There are some insurance companies that offer partial LASIK coverage, but in most cases this is just a way to refer patients to certain providers in exchange for a discount of surgery cost. LASIK provides convenience, safety, and ... more
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LASIK is considered an elective procedure and is generally not covered by insurance. However, we encourage you to contact your insurance provider to inquire about coverage; you may also consider contacting your human resources manager if you have a flexible spending account. Many patients choose to use this account for elective procedures. more
Yah lasik laser eye surgery covered by insurance. Lasik insurance mainly provided by some health care management company. They willn't pay but they work for reducing amount of lasik surgery.

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