Is Los Angeles really as good as people think?

Alexia Hunt Posted

Guys, I am going to move to LA. What makes Los Angeles a good place to live in?

Oliver Harvey

Yes, it’s absolutely true. The Los Angeles it’s the best place to live for many reasons. One it has the best weather in all the United States and has a lot of areas of interest to many travelers that like to visit and view. And if you are planning to move out, I recommend you a good moving company –

June Manning

I can only answer for myself. I have lived in LA for most of my life, except for the first ten years, and my years at Berkeley. I wouldn’t live anywhere else. Why? The weather, the lifestyle, the proximity to all of the things I like, the beach, the mountains, once upon a time for skiing, now just for hiking and enjoying the outdoors. You are just an easy four hour drive from the magnificent sequoias. About the same from the unbelievably beautiful central coast (Monterey, Carmel).