Is medical terminology difficult to learn?

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It depends on your background and how fast you learn. On the whole, I would say no. Every medical word is broken down into two parts. A prefix (the first part of a word) and a suffix (the last part of a word). The prefix and the suffix are then connected by the vowel “O”. This is the basic structure to medical terminology. You will, therefore, learn medical terminology prefixes and suffixes. You can then use these by combining them with the vowel “O” to form many different medical terms. Here is an example. Medical Term - Dermatology The breakdown of this word would be Dermat = prefix meaning pertaining to the skin, o = connective vowel, logy = suffix pertaining to the study of. The meaning of this word is the study of the skin, dermatology. Once you get the hang of this and know all your prefixes and suffixes it’s fairly straightforward. more
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