Is merci killing morally right or morally wrong?

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1 Answer

- Under certain conditions, it is morally right. It is morally wrong to take a life, or allow a life to be taken, if the person making that decision is not mentally stable. This applies to any form of killing, including mercy killing or suicide. It is morally wrong to take a life against the will of another, except in self defense It is morally wrong to receive benefit from the act of killing If a person who wishes to die does not do so under any of the circumstances listed above, it is possible that mercy killing is morally justified. The difficult questions to be answered include: If a healthy person wishes to die, are they mentally stable? If a person in pain wishes to die, does their pain add question to their mental stability? If a person wishes to die to avoid anguish or economic loss of a family member or friend, is he/she mentally stable? All three present valid moral opposition to mercy killing, and have yet to find agreement in the ethics/morality arenas. more
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