Is North Shore Animal League America running a sweepstakes?

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1 Answer

A – Yes, our Road to Riches Sweepstakes is currently underway with wonderful prizes. The closing date for our current Road to Riches Sweepstakes is November 30, 2009. Prize winners will be randomly selected by independent judges, whose decisions are final (no later than December 28, 2009) from all entries received. A list of prize winners will be available after March 2010. All you need to do in order to be eligible is to return your entry form by the deadline date indicated. Q - Why does North Shore Animal League America run a sweepstakes? A - Sweepstakes is an attention getter. Over the years we have found that sweepstakes has been the best way to get the most people to read our mail and learn about our mission … saving animals' lives. Q - Who is eligible? A - Everyone who enters our sweepstakes is eligible for all prizes offered. All major prizes in our sweepstakes will be awarded. Q - Where can the rules for your Sweepstakes be found? A - The rules for our sweepstakes are in ...
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