Is Obama cutting AIDs research to Africa that Bush tripled to 9 Billion?

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1 Answer

President Bush may have allocated money for AIDS research in Africa, but he cut money from school programs, health care programs, urban outreach programs and other types of programs that really help minorities in impoverished regions of the country escape their poverty, ultimately trapping them in the poverty cycle, instead of allowing them means to escape. All this is here in the United States too. He's putting the needs of other countries ahead of the needs of our own people? That's something that the conservative media would tear up President Obama for if he ever pulled a stunt like that. Did you even read either of the articles you cited? Bush didn't provide 9 billion specifically for AIDS research, it was more of an umbrella investment to help Africa's many nations with their issues. In fact, most of the money went to help the nations of Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt, and Uganda. Yes, he designated a lot of money to Malaria and AIDS prevention, but it certainly wasn't the 9 billion ... more
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