Is open MRI as accurate as closed MRI?

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1 Answer

YES. The medical literature is clear in showing that the MRI equipment used by Open MRI/Imagimed® is absolutely diagnostically equivalent to or better than any closed MRI system available today, with much greater comfort. Open scanners are more sensitive than closed scanners, and produce high quality diagnostic images. For this reason the growth and utilization of open magnets has far surpassed that of closed magnets in America today. Open MRI scanning is unsurpassed for diagnostic accuracy. I am a large person; will I fit into the MRI machine? Open MRI/Imagimed® can accommodate patients up to 500 pounds. We make all patients comfortable during the scanning procedure, and because of our magnet configuration, patients weighing 180-220 pounds who would be very uncomfortable in a closed magnet are extremely comfortable in the Open MRI setting. I am claustrophobic and I need an MRI. What can I do? Open MRI/Imagimed® has extensive experience working with claustrophobic and anxious ... more
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