Is Pastor Donnie McClurkin engaged to be married?

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I am convinced that Donnie knows (probably for awhile) who God has chosen for him and he is in preparation for that. The changes in his life, the paradigm shift in his ministry, going back to school to get his college degree, and yes, even the braces, are all a part of that process. I also think that he needed to let the women who were throwing themselves at him to (nicely) "back off". Many of us see what we want and ask God later instead of asking God first and allowing Him to show us why. True Christian Men are different when it comes to commitment: Even when they know what they want and God's will, they have to be ready. Not only in the flesh, but in the heart, mind, and spirit. Marriage is for life, and not convenience. Pastor Donnie, go get your Soulmate....Woman of Virtue that God has been preparing just for you! It's been a long time coming and you deserve it! She will complete you in the flesh as God has in the spirit. I pray that she is just as ready for you as you are for ... more
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