Is polyurethane food safe?

food polyurethane safe

When the finish is dry, it is food safe. [Back to the Top of this Page] How do I care for my wood bowls? To maintain the finish of a functional bowl, use mineral oil only from the first use on. Other oils can cause stickiness; vegetable and/or olive oil will become rancid. Once the bowl is used, the original art finish will dull. Bowls may be hand washed with soap and water. Dry immediately. Do not let liquid sit in the bowl or leave it soaking in a sink. An occasional coating with mineral oil will bring back the sheen and depth of grain. Nylon, plastic or wooden utensils are recommended for use with all wooden bowls. To maintain the finish of a non-functional bowl, apply a light coat of fine furniture paste wax with a soft cloth. Let dry and buff to a sheen with a clean, soft cloth. NOTE: The application of mineral oil to the Norfolk Pine is not recommended except for the purpose of food service. For Your Information: Take care to avoid overspray from chemical products, such as glass