Is Premier Service Inc.. the a scam or is it a real mystery shopper company?

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I don't know that company but it's very easy to tell a real company from a scam 1 - a real mystery shopping company NEVER charges you any money to register or subscribe. Anyone asking for money from you is not legit 2 - a real mystery shopping company NEVER sends you checks/money orders, asks you to deposit them, spend a % on the shop, then wire the balance through Western Union/Moneygram. That is a felony money laundering scam that can land you in prison. The checks they give will be fake which your bank won't discover fo 3-4 weeks, long after you've sent money to the scammer with no way to get it back A real company is always free to register, usually pays $5-10 per shop (rarely more) and requires you to spend your own money upfront, then you get reimbursed after you submit your evaluation form and receipts. more
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