Is Propylparaben Dangerous?


Propylparaben is a white crystalline solid that is frequently used in cosmetics, skin care products and food. It has a generally low toxicity by ingestion. Propylparaben can irritate eyes, skin, intestinal and respiratory tracts upon contact, ingestion, and inhalation, respectively. It is also combustible. Ingestion According to animal studies, the toxicity of propylparaben by ingestion is low. Ingestion of a 0.03% solution of propylparaben irritated the intestinal tract and caused central nervous system depression and a felt-like feeling in the mouth. Inhalation Inhalation of high concentrations of airborne dusts of propylparaben can irritate the mucous membranes and upper respiratory tract. Symptoms can include coughing and sneezing. Skin and Eye Exposure Propylparaben can irritate the skin and cause itching and redness, especially if you are sensitive to other parabens such as methylparaben or ethylparaben. Eye contamination with propylparaben can cause tearing, blinking, pain. Sens